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  • Refund Policy

Salvus App Solutions Refund Policies

The Salvus App Solutions refund policy is different according to the services that we offered. You ask for references to the own refund policies for further information about the different refunds that apply to the diverse services. Our companies always try to do level best to make the appropriate packages that are suitable for our clients. There is no assurance offered by SAS Services to refunds for cancellation of an exacting service is concerned.

SAS Refund Policies, Terms:

When the client and our company contract a project, so it is very essential to complete contract should be signed and returned with the deposit.

  • An agreement may be discussed or agree before signing, but necessity adheres to just the once a signed agreement is complete.
  • In addition, both parties are needed to clear all of the requirements before any proceeding.
  • It is important for clients to send us proper or clear requirements with materials according to projects.
  • When the client wants to any changes during their running project, then our company considers additional charges, after agreement about any service such as software testing, SEO, and other services.
  • The liability of refund is considered only when the project has been canceled by the client.
  • After the discussion, during the running project when the client drops the contract anytime. This is the client responsibility to change their credential about their website and other some other user details.
  • All refunds will be delivered within 14 working days to process. No Instant Refund.
  • It will be refunded to your account either by Account Credits/direct deposit in your bank account.
  • Contacting Us Regarding Our Refund Policy.

If you have queries, suggestions, and information as regards refund policies about our services so please kindly email us at